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I think I need a break from tumblr.


While I’ll probably scramble back to here in short order… I think I’m gonna close up shop for a while. Just feels like I’ve got a restrictive vice around my train of thought as well as my ability to express myself and my beliefs now, and to top that off I think I’m honestly getting some sort of media/information overload from this site. I am in no way blaming ANY ONE I follow, its just the site itself. I just feel like its sorta eaten me up and has effected me in a negative way.
(Once again, its the site, not the people I’ve met and like)
I’ll still be on skype, steam and my other hidey-holes (Deviant art and Facebook)
but I’m going to see what happens with a tumblr detox. Shake some bad mojo and junk.

(Mod note: Yeah, so this is going to mean big hiatus for the time being [like thats any different] but you’ve all been great!)

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